Needed to have a shut off valve replaced under my kitchen sink and also have them install a new kitchen faucet. They called me 30 minutes before they arrived at my house so I could work until the last minute. They showed up exactly on time and to my surprise they had a 3 man team. This worked out perfect, because we needed an extra part, so one of them went to pick up the part, while the other was working on removing the valve. During this time I also mentioned that I would like a quote on removing an old water softner. They gave me the quote and said they can do it right now and they gave me a great price since they were there. They also found out that I also needed a new valve on my cold water side as well. They replaced both valves and installed a new kitchen faucet and disconnected my old water softner all within an hour. What a great team effort which saved me money and got me back to work in no time. I would definitely use them again and recommend them. They have a great personal touch and you can tell it is a family business. They really care about their customers and make sure you are happy with the job they performed. Great experience and a great job by Walsh & Sons. Larry Kupsco

You will be SO glad you called this company! I spent the last year fighting tree roots in my sewer line. Over that year, I got a REAL education about the sewers, rodding, clean outs, permits, tile liners, main lines, how I was responsible for the line from my house to the main line (which was across the street, of course!) and getting quotes $4000+ . I was waiting to hear back from another plumbing company, when my sister found Walsh’s ad in The Home Mag: 24/7 nights, weekends, holidays @ no extra charge AND a free 2nd opinion?? I called them on a Friday, late morning. Mark & Tony came out THAT SAME NIGHT, AFTER finishing another job, getting to my house around 7:30pm (no extra charge!). They were courteous, professional AND patient with my whining about the previous years’ fight with ‘the roots,’ in spite of it being very late in their day! They put the camera down the line (oh! and their camera price is 1/3 the cost of the other companies I called!). Mark explained what should be done, countered any misinformation I’d acquired, quoted the complete job that night, which was LESS than every other quote I’d gotten, AND said the clean out could go where I wanted it!! This was a great experience, I have cleaned up my LAST sewage back up, AND it didn’t break the bank!!! Judy Rupp


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